A new era in automated ERP Transformation begins

A new era in automated ERP Transformation begins 

We are ecstatic to announce that today is our market launch day! We are LeapGreat, a SaaS platform for automating SAP ERP implementations. For medium to large manufacturers and distributors who have been grappling with the cost, complexity, and risk of ERP implementations, LeapGreat is here to significantly simplify and de-risk the process.

Traditionally, ERP transformations have been plagued by time-consuming requirements and data gathering, blueprinting, design and preparation before you ever get to Sprint 0 when real configuration begins. That is when the surprises start; blueprints often differ from system reality, and there’s backtracking, compromises, and cost overruns as stakeholders struggle with the reality of the implementation and how, despite their planning, they’ve been flying blind for much of the project.

LeapGreat is changing the game by assembling the most experienced SAP ERP implementation veterans and pioneers to bring together a prescriptive methodology, a complete clean core, and an automated factory ensuring a smooth and risk-free journey towards a modern and efficient ERP system. We are harnessing the power of automation to finally industrialize the ERP experience. LeapGreat will evolve ERP transformation from an engineer-to-order exercise into a make-to-order assembly line process.

“The LeapGreat mission is to leverage automation to empower companies to transform their Digital Core ERP landscape with confidence and ease,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Bob Cummings. “Our unmatched team of veterans has created an industrialized, risk-free fully automated experience that not only makes the journey dramatically easier, but even continually increases the value of the digital core. We believe in delivering results from day one, allowing our customers to test drive their new ERP system before committing. With LeapGreat, SAP S/4HANA implementations are no longer a daunting endeavor; it’s a leap toward a brighter, more efficient future.”

What sets LeapGreat apart is the ability for customers to Test Drive their Working Target System within a week before starting the project.  This is not a demo or proof of concept; it is a tested, working system with the customer’s data. Customers no longer must endure the uncertainty of a prolonged implementation process with unforeseen challenges down the road.

LeapGreat uniquely brings together:

  • An elite group of passionate SAP experts, who are the original authors of the SAP Best Practices Baseline for Manufacturing and hold patents for SAP ERP infrastructure technologies, to help companies unleash the power of SAP S/4HANA with the lowest possible effort
  • A Prescriptive Methodology to rapidly implement SAP ERP via automation
  • A Complete, Clean Core built for automation that’s enhanced with an integrated data design, over 100 pre-configured, end-to-end processes, and fully personalized documentation
  • An Automated Factory to rapidly produce and refine the customers working, target system
  • Continuous Protection, Improvement and Upgrade to keep customer out of trouble and aligned to their Complete, Clean Core

With LeapGreat, companies can embark on their ERP transformation journey with confidence, knowing that they have a partner committed to delivering results efficiently and without surprises.

For more information about LeapGreat ERP transformation solutions and to schedule a consultation, please visit us at www.leapgreat.com

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