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We pioneered rapid implementation in SAP ERP. Now we’re transforming it.

Our story

We helped shape the early years of SAP ERP implementation.

The LeapGreat team is an elite group of SAP experts. In fact, we worked on SAP R/1 thirty years ago with the first SAP customer and since then we’ve put in thousands of implementation hours all the way through to S/4HANA. We’re passionate about helping companies unleash the power of SAP S/4HANA with the lowest possible effort. We’re also the original authors of the SAP Best Practices Baseline for Manufacturing and hold patents for SAP ERP infrastructure technologies.

We created remarkable SAP outcomes – and reimagined implementation.

Over the years, we’ve had major implementation successes – with some of the biggest global brands and most innovative companies in the world. Along the way, we learned to materially reduce implementation times by analyzing and then reimagining the implementation process. At the same time we managed to continually unlock more value and horsepower from SAP ERP. 

Our mission:
Change the way SAP implementations are done – forever.

We created LeapGreat out of a belief that the traditional ERP implementation process was ready for a sea change. By automating system builds we can produce a full working version of your company’s target system in a week. Not a demo or proof of concept, but a fully-running integrated, documented, and tested system. We can now vastly reduce the struggles, cost, time, and risk you experience. With LeapGreat, the future of SAP implementations is here.

Our partners

We work with industry-leading organizations to deliver comprehensive ERP solutions.

Our leaders & pioneers

We’re transforming SAP ERP implementations so we can enhance the value our customers get from their systems for years to come.

Bob Cummings

Chief Executive Officer

Dean Milne

Product Engineering

Ross Orrett

Company Scaling

Bernhard Lang

Delivery Innovation

Dr. Patti Fletcher


Thomas Förster

Digital Experience

Daniel Serghi

Factory Operations

Ninad Thakur

Process Integration

Michael Tjahjadi

Technology & Innovation

Rob Young


Our global locations

LeapGreat is the growing home for the world’s best ERP talent.

United States

Atlanta, GA





Careers and culture at LeapGreat.

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When you join LeapGreat, you’ll be working with global SAP innovators and experts – and joining a rare and remarkable culture. At LeapGreat, we’re curious and open-minded. We’re ready to grow and ready to win. We want our team to be just as satisfied as our customers. In the end, we’re here to change everything in our industry. And we’re doing it together.

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