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The ERP industry doesn’t have anywhere near the capacity for the huge wave of upcoming projects.

Did you know…?

77 %

of the world’s transactions
run on SAP

72 %

are planning a move to
SAP S/4HANA by 2027

Less than

20 %
of the required talent is available in the world to achieve this.

The ideal situation vs.
what actually happens

The technology and data elements of an ERP project are deceptively complex.


It’s not a linear,
predictable process.

The standard ERP implementation involves time-consuming requirements and data gathering, blueprinting, design and preparation before you ever get to Sprint 0 when real configuration starts. But that’s when the surprises start: blueprints often differ from system reality, and there’s backtracking, compromises, and cost overruns as stakeholders struggle with the reality of the implementation and how, despite their planning, they’ve been flying blind for much of the project.

The brutal legacy of most ERP projects

Most projects go over budget

74% of ERP projects end up going over budget – and some go way over budget – due to scope creep, backtracking, and the relentlessly inefficient nature of traditional approaches to implementation.

ERP projects are high risk

Mitigating risk on ERP projects often involves compromises that limit system effectiveness while driving up costs, time, and stress for everyone involved. The result: 56% of projects don’t realize the value promised in the business case.

Projects run late – often by many months

Because of the long requirements gathering process to get to Sprint 0, and then the subsequent backtracking, re-planning, and resource challenges that ensue, 61% of ERP implementations run over time.

This is the reality of most ERP implementations.

Are these numbers good enough for your business?

*Sources: Panorama ERP Study, Apty ERP Study, McK

50 %

Fail first time around

61 %

Run over time

74 %

Over budget

51 %

Operational disruption

56 %

Value not realized

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