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The LeapGreat Experience

We make your ERP implementation a simple, holistic experience.

We produce a fully realized SAP S/4HANA system on a clean core for your business in about half the time of a traditional implementation. In fact, we actually produce the first version of your working ERP system in one week. That means less cost and less risk for you. How do we do it? We automate the process with our SaaS platform and deliver the implementation with our unique methodology, all built on decades of experience in the industry.

Why choose LeapGreat?

test drive

You get to test drive your working target system before you buy. It’s not a demo. It’s not a proof-of-concept. It’s your working system. And you get to see it in about one week.

Rapid system refinement

We rapidly refine and test your working ERP system with our Automation Factory, which automates your system build and optimizes its business value to your organization.

We do the hard
things early

We do end-to-end process integration testing and data extracts from your legacy system early, so you avoid unpleasant surprises later on in the implementation. 

Early training for
all users

Because we have your working system running so quickly, we can do early-stage training on your actual working system with your project team and end users.

Your three-step
LeapGreat Experience.


Prescriptive Prep

In this phase we focus on discovery and data gathering. We work with your team to create the mutual understanding necessary for a smooth implementation. Then we populate our platform with your data so we can produce the first version of your working system.

Discovery workshop

First, we lead a discovery session where we focus on understanding your current SAP situation, notable challenges, and desired outcomes. We also share the keys to a smooth implementation, our team’s capabilities, and outline the path forward.

Mutual go-forward planning

This second planning session involves a collaboration with your key stakeholders to ensure alignment between our organizations. Then we finalize a go-forward plan for your SAP implementation that includes mutual go/no-go steps throughout the process. 

Data collection

Our Automation Hub is part of the LeapGreat SaaS platform. Here, we populate it with your business data and configurations so that we can automate the production of your first working system. We can offer supporting services during this phase as necessary.


Risk-free test drive

The risk-free test drive is exactly that – an opportunity for you to experience the first version of your working system, populated with your data. Our team provides guidance and customized recommendations to guide your implementation without any cost to your company. 

Guided test-drive

The week after we collect and configure your data, we give you the ability to experience the first version of your working SAP system. The LeapGreat team will guide you through this first iteration and answer any initial questions you may have.

Fit-to-standard playbook

With the first version of your working system in place, our team of SAP ERP experts will provide you with documentation of our initial findings and custom recommendations to guide your full implementation.

Prescriptive plan and firm estimate

In this final phase of the test drive, we provide you with a firm estimate for the full implementation of your SAP ERP system. Then we enter into a master subscription agreement and create the statement-of-work for the project.


Rapid realization

In this phase, we repeatedly refine and rebuild your SAP system with our SaaS platform. At the same time, we train your users in preparation for a go-live that comes significantly faster and with less risk of things going wrong than you’re used to with SAP implementations.

Sprint 0: the ramp up

We start sprint 0 with your initial working system already in place. From there we go through a formal project kickoff, including workshops focused on your project charter, and project deliverables. We also do user training in your initial working system.

Refinement cycles

Across three integration cycles, we repeatedly refine, test and deploy your working system. Each new iteration of your system is built by the factory in our SaaS platform, which enables us to dramatically reduce the overall time requirements before go-live.

Go-Live: Continuous Value Growth

Once everything is as you need it, we cut over and go live. But that is not the end. We use automation to protect your clean core and continuously deliver more value.

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