Is it possible to automate SAP ERP implementations?

Short answer: Yes. Experience the power of automation. You can take an initial risk-free test drive of your fully-configured target system in the week after providing your requirements and data. Then get your final optimized system in less than half the time and effort of a typical implementation – all with dramatically reduced risk, complexity, and costs. And with greater business value.

Typical ERP implementations are costly, risky, and seem to take forever.

If you’ve been through an SAP implementation, you may dread the thought of doing another. ERP implementations touch every part of the organization. We know the implementation process can be overwhelming. And after many months or even years of backtracking and unpleasant surprises, your system still may not be what you wanted. But most of the time it has nothing to do with the quality of the software or people doing the implementation! It’s about the nature of these projects.

Introducing the LeapGreat™ Experience.

Our solution – the LeapGreat Experience – enables us to rapidly implement SAP ERP systems for manufacturers and distributors. It takes less than half the time of traditional methods. You get a risk-free test drive of your working system within a week – and rapid refinement cycles sprints that refine your system until it’s ready to go live and deliver far more value than you expect.

Why choose LeapGreat?

Our pioneering

Our team brings a deep, holistic understanding of SAP. We have been closely involved with SAP’s ERP history for over 3 decades. We worked on R/1 and have implemented SAP ERP systems ever since – all the way through the latest versions of S/4HANA. We also authored the SAP Best Practices Manufacturing Baseline.

Complete clean core with best practices

The LeapGreat Standard is the foundation we use to achieve the fastest, highest quality SAP ERP implementations. It’s a complete, clean core built for automation that we’ve enhanced with an integrated data design, over 100 pre-configured, end-to-end processes, and fully personalized documentation.

Risk-free test drive

You get to test drive your working target system before you buy. It’s not a demo. It’s not a proof-of-concept. It’s your working system with your data. And you get to drive it the following week, all before you ever sign a contract.

Rapid system refinement

We rapidly — and repeatedly — refine and test your working ERP system with the LeapGreat Factory which automates your system build, optimizes its business value to your organization – and cuts months or years off the typical ERP implementation timeline.

Our SaaS platform is our secret weapon for automating ERP implementations.

It’s our SaaS platform that allows us to fundamentally change the dynamics of an SAP ERP implementation. Our LeapGreat Factory rapidly produces your initial working system and then refines it from Sprint 0 through to the day we reach the final iteration and go live.

Meet the LeapGreat team

We’ve assembled an elite team of SAP pioneers and veterans to transform the ERP industry.

Our partners

We work with industry-leading organizations to deliver comprehensive ERP solutions.

Get started for free. See your ERP in just one week.

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