Flipping the value curve in SAP ERP implementations

Learn how standardization and automation will the transform time, cost, risk and complexity, and value of SAP ERP implementations.

Every large company operates as a complex ecosystem of interconnected business processes that are managed through an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Much like Grand Central Station orchestrates a multitude of train movements, an ERP system serves as the central hub for streamlining and optimizing business processes. In today’s digital age, SAP stands as a dominant force in the ERP world, playing a crucial role in the global economy.

Did you know that 77% of all commercial transactions worldwide are facilitated through an SAP ERP system? SAP, the pioneer of ERP solutions, has been at the core of most companies, effectively making it the heartbeat of the world’s economy. A staggering revelation is that three-quarters of these companies plan to migrate their ERP systems to the Cloud and implement the latest SAP ERP product, SAP S/4HANA, by 2027. This colossal shift represents one of the most significant transformations in the business world, akin to retooling the entire global economy in just a few short years.

Watch this video to learn about the next phase of the ERP evolution is underway, driven by the principles of standardization and automation. As companies prepare to migrate to SAP S/4HANA and embrace cloud-based ERP solutions, LeapGreat’s innovative approach promises to transform ERP implementations by providing significantly more value with lower effort. This automotive-inspired revolution simplifies the process, reduces complexities, and ensures a quicker and more efficient ERP journey, ultimately enhancing the digital core of your company.

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