Unleashing Your Company’s True Asset: A Conversation with Dean Milne from LeapGreat 

Unleashing Your Company’s True Asset: A Conversation with Dean Milne from LeapGreat 

In a world where CEOs often extol the virtues of their employees as their greatest assets, Dean Milne, co-founder and Product Engineering lead a LeapGreat, presents a compelling argument for a different perspective.  

In his 30+ years career, Dean has collaborated with the best and brightest of SAP colleagues, partners, and customers across a broad spectrum of industries and geographies. He possesses an unparalleled depth of knowledge and wisdom gained from working on SAP ERP implementations from R/1 through S/4 HANA. Dean led the team that authored SAP Best Practices Manufacturing Baseline, the proven approach to rapidly implement SAP ERP in multiple industries with global operations. Dean and his team are passionate about automating SAP ERP Implementations and enabling customers to maintain a clean core for life. 

This blog captures a Q&A session with Dean, where he discusses the true asset of a company and introduces the innovative approach LeapGreat takes to ERP implementation. 

Q: What, in your view, is a company’s greatest asset? 

Dean: Of course, I agree that people are one of a company’s greatest assets. I would add that there is no other thing that truly sets your business apart: your data. While processes may be standard across industries, your data is what makes your business unique. It’s your product and your competitive edge. 

Q: LeapGreat is bringing a new way of ERP implementation to the market. Can you explain this approach? 

Dean: The LeapGreat approach combines the power of processes, data, and people. We prioritize automating tasks to free up human resources from tedious, time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic activities. This approach empowers HR, marketing, and sales teams, among other functions in the business, to concentrate on their core functions and enhance business continuity. 

Q: How does the LeapGreat process establish a clean core for customers?

Dean: Automation plays a pivotal role in achieving a clean core. Whether it’s using tools like UI Path for process testing, data migration, or mundane task automation, the key is to ensure your core operations are stable and efficient. Once the core is sound, it becomes the foundation on which you can leverage emerging technologies like AI without being constrained by technology challenges.

Q: What’s your perspective on the intersection of AI, automation, and business continuity? 

Dean: We believe in a phased approach. First, establish the clean core and achieve a return on investment by eliminating inefficiencies. Once the foundation is solid, it becomes easier to introduce AI and automation to enhance business benefits. This strategy allows businesses to stay focused on quick ROI and avoid lengthy, complicated projects. 

Q: How should businesses approach the cognitive shift associated with AI and automation?

Dean: Start by addressing the basics and building a solid foundation. The real value of AI lies in your data and streamlined processes. Once you have a stable platform, you can explore how AI can add intelligence to your operations. The focus is on simplifying the technology landscape while delivering tangible results.

Q: How do you recommend companies handle the transition from standard processes to leveraging emerging technologies?

Dean: It’s essential to approach this transition pragmatically. Focus on addressing the fundamentals first and establish a strong foundation. Then, consider how emerging technologies can amplify your business benefits. Avoid getting caught up in the complexity of technology. Make the shift toward AI and automation once your core operations are efficient. 

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